"Armenian Days in Munich" : A Special Lecture Series

26-01-2012 13:52:44   |   |  Press of Diaspora
This three day program organised by the Institute for Near and Middle East Studies at Ludwig-Maximilians University, Germany. 31 Jan 2012. Commemorating the 125th Hagop Mntsuri's birthday - readings from his memories of Istanbul (1993) translated into German and read by Hulya Bozkurt and Yeliz Soytemel. 01 Feb. 2012. Dr. Vahe Tachjian : The Last Big Exodus of Rural Armenians from the Vilayet of Diyarbekir in Late 1920s. 02. Feb. 2012. Prof. Dr. Raymond Kevorkian : Urban and Rural Demographic Structures of Armenian Population in the Vilayet Bitlis before the WWI. 03.Feb. 2012. Ara Sarafian: Parallel Communities, Separate Development: Armenian Kharpert at the Height of the Tanzimat 1865-1874 Download Poster - III. Armenian Days in Munich (57 KByte)
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