Tatul Hakobyan presented his new book, entitled “Looking from Ararat: Armenians and Turks”

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On March 19th an Armenian veteran journalist Tatul Hakobyan presented his new book, entitled “Looking from Ararat: Armenians and Turks.” This 500 page book is the result of eight years of extensive research, analysis and travel by the author. It was first published in Western Armenian using classical orthography. This most recent one in Eastern Armenian will be presented in Yerevan and Gyumri as well - Armenia’s capital city and second largest city consecutively - at the beginning of April. There will also be an English version, which is being prepared for print this fall. In the words of Shahan Kandaharian, Editor-in-Chief of Azdak daily in Beirut, the author “presents each end of Yerevan-Ankara relations with high journalistic professionalism,” having carried out extensive archive analysis and frequent visits to Western Armenia during which he conducted a number of in-depth interviews with Armenian, Turkish and foreign diplomats, presidents, and historians. Lebanese Armenian intellectuals Khatchig Dedeyan, Tigran Jinbashian and Sargis Giragosian presented comments on the author and his new published book. “Looking from Ararat: Armenians and Turks” is comprised of three parts. The first ten chapters describe Armenian-Turkish (Kemalist) relations from 1918 to 1921. The seven chapters of the second part dwell on Armenian-Turkish relations at a time when Armenia was a part of the Soviet Union. In the eleven chapters of the third part you can examine the relations from 1988 to present day. The book also includes a preface (“The saddest Liturgy”) and an epilogue (“Where are you, Land of Nairi”), as well as an Appendix where the author presents all of the documents ever signed between Turkey and Armenia. “I started this book almost simultaneously with my first one - “Green and Black: Karabakh Diary.” This could be considered as a continuation to that and its second volume,” said Hakobyan at the Beirut presentation, adding, “If you have read “Green and Black”, I would advise you to read this one as well and stay tuned for the next ones!” First published in 2008, Tatul Hakobyan’s first book - “Green and Black: Karabakh Diary”, has three editions in Armenian and was translated into Western Armenian, Russian, English, Arabic and Turkish languages.
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