Gorik Hakobyan: "Vardan Oskanian tries to present himself as a "political innocent victim"

25-06-2012 13:57:15   | Armenia  |  Interviews
During the last week in the centre of attention of Medias and society was the examination of former minister of Foreign affairs, deputy of National Assembly of Armenia Vardan Oskanian by investigation department of National Security Service of Armenia in the framework of the case about legalizing the profits received in culprit way. On this occasion "Armenpress" tried to receive comments from the Director of National Security Service colonel-general Gorik Hakobyan. - Mr Hakobyan, some Medias serving to different political aims qualified this fact as a political order. - At the first day of examination V. Oskanyan hurried to declare that there is a political order behind the criminal case. The skillful diplomat, experienced politician not finding another way out from the situation hurried to issue such statement and distract the attention of the society trying to give political inflection to criminal case, to create an image of a political "innocent victim". I would like to mention that the NSS issued a statement only after Oskanian applied to Medias. - Vardan Oskanian and the director of Civilitas foundation Salbi Ghazaryan refused to give evidence in the framework of criminal case. - During the examination there were put concrete questions about the criminal case after which thy refused to give evidences. The law provides them this opportunity, but is not it strange that the leaders of Civilitas, whose mission is to strengthen the civic society in Armenia, instead of supporting the discovery of the truth, choose for themselves a behavior proper to a representative of mafia? I can say that as a rule such behavior choose people who feel the possible consequences of the danger of the discovery. We can remember many examples when in democratic countries politicians of different levels are appeared in such situation or as a defendant or as a witness but none of them thinks to refuse to give evidence and avoid from responsibility in such way. - In your opinion what is the reason of such a strategy? - I think that creating all this noise Vardan Oskanian tries to distract the attention of the society from the main issues of the case and present himself as a "political innocent victim". Otherwise, the attention of the society would be concentrated on the fact that any Armenian foundation or politician did not receive such financing from American and European Governments, embassies and other organizations as Civilitas. Our imperfect legislative field does not exclude such financing. The attention would be concentrated on the fact that a diplomat representing the interests of Armenia for many years today has a political activity in Armenia and publishes newspaper being financed from abroad. Mr Oskanian chose another way of speaking with facts - to avoid from them, mask them under other circumstances, the issues cannot be left unanswered regardless of someone's wish.
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