The next discussion of Inventors Club. Multifunctional, Innovative technologies working with the help of bio and solar energy

10-03-2016 16:57:41   | Armenia  |  Announcements
On March 12, in Noyan Tapan  News Agency  press center  (Isahakyan St., 28 Building, 3rd Floor) will be held the next discussion of the Inventor's Club of Noyan Tapan Fund for the Advancement of Science, innovation and perspective development.

The subject for discussion is - Introduction of  manufacturing test results of  the farming, multifunctional,  innovative, "squeezing more energy from the sun" technologies working
with the help of bio and solar energy, the production of that technologies and issues about organising and implementing them.   
The speakers are Styopa Khoyetsyan and Gurgen Martirosya, Ph.D. in Technologies.
The discussion will be moderated by the president of “Noyan Tapan” holding, Ph.D. in Philosophy Tigran Harutyunyan.
For more information please call 060-35-11-24.
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