In Armenia not only Water Resources but Forests as well are in Poor Condition.Armenak Dovlatyan (Video)

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There are various problems in Armenia concerning water resources, the use and exploitation of drinking water is in very poor condition, starting from Sevan up to artesian waters of Ararat Valley. This was mentioned by Armenian green’s party president Armenak Dovlatyan on March 22 during the press conference on the occasion of international day of Water. According to him, besides water resources forests are also in bad shape, which, by the way have a big importance in the issue of saving water resources. 
“In recent years some steps are taken for restoration of artesian waters, but it’s a bit late and that activity simply affects small and medium-sized businesses, communities, farmers. But a major landowners continue to use water resources”, - said A.Dovlatyan adding that there is a problem of correct and equal distribution and management of water resources.
The head of the "Yerevan Jur" CJSC Public Relations Service Murad Sargsyan said that Yerevan has no problem with the amount of drinking water: "We have 10 sources which supply water to Yerevan 24 hours a day, the only problem in the effective use of high-quality drinking water resources ".
In his words recently "Yerevan Jur" CJSC has gone so far that the artesian waters of Ararat Valley are no more used, though in the past they formed one quarter of incoming water, the pumping station near Shorshor is also not useable now.
M. Sargsyan says that this has two features. First that water resources are spared and the second is saving of money, which was spent in the pumping stations that deliver water to Yerevan.
During 9 years of activity "Yerevan Jur" CJSC managed annually to save about 85 million cubic meters of water, which has not had a negative effect on the population of Yerevan.
“We were able to handle also the sale of the water increasing it approximately for 9 million cubic meters. This means that we have received additional funds that were invested in the system”, - stressed the head of Public Relations adding that according to the agreement, their company must maintain an average of 97 percent of the water supply, and now provides 95 percent.
According to Sargsyan water should be treated as the most important source of life, and therefore it should be used efficient and economical.
The general engineer of "Eurohidroenergia" company Stepan Papikyan said, referring to the hydro power plants, that as of October 1, 2015, in Republic of Armenia 173 small and medium hydropower plants have been exploited, whose total capacity is about 700 MW.
In his words, it is planned to build and exploit about 44 small and medium hydro power plants whose total capacity is 100 MW, and they can give an additional 310 million kilowatt of electricity per year: "These numbers are quite eloquent and it is very important for us to have the Republic's own energy resources."
General engineer of "Eurohidroenergia" company noted that in the case of correct design and construction of hydroelectric power plants, they do not have harmful effects on water resources and ecosystems.

Eliza Zakharyan, Noyan
Translated by Elina Oganezova
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