Armen Avagyan: The state industrial sector is an essential and objective element in liberalized economies

02-09-2017 12:19:44   | Armenia  |  Science and Technology

The guest of the "Noyan Tapan" program is the Head of Economic Development and Investment Policy Sub-Commission of Public Council of RA President, member of the Boards of the Committee of Financial-Economic and Budgetary Affairs of Public Council and the Union of Domestic Goods Producers,

Expert of EU Horizon 2020, ERA.NET and International Cooperation (InCo) programs, Expert of Council of Chemistry and Petrochemistry of CIS countries, Member of American Chemical Society (ACS), Society of Chemical Industry (US, SCI), Academic Member of the Greece ATINER Academia,

Laureate of “The International Presidents Award for Iconic Achievement” and “Top 100 Professionals” (IBC), "The Albert Einstein Award for Excellence" (Top 50 Geniuses of World, ABI), Marquis Who's Who 2017 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award, awards of the Armenia and former USSRmember of the Public Council's Economic Development and Investment subcommittee, member of the European Union's various programs and CIS Council, American Chemical Company and American Industrial Chemistry Company Armen Avagyan.


The TV broadcast online live on Armenian American AABC TV, as well as is on Noyan Tapan's website, Noyan Tapan TV channel's on Youtube channel, Noyan Tapan's Facebook page and Noyan Tapan TV " in the Facebook group.…/


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