2018 probable battlefields. Video.

12-12-2017 16:45:56   | Armenia  |  Press of Diaspora
At the Glance press club, President of the Geopolitical Academy, Academician Arayik Sargsyan talked about 2018 geopolitical developments and possible hostilities in the war.

Arayik Sargsyan presented the for
ecasts of the Geopolitical Academy in the con
text of peace and war what will happen in the world's 2018 points considered most conspicuous. "The first is a North Korean problem. The war in North Korea can lead to a global nuclear war, as it has great nuclear resources and the disaster will spread across the Korean peninsula to China and India. Does the US want to provoke a nuclear war? We think that the possibility of war is great if North Korea does rash steps. The second point is the Indian-Pakistani border. It's the vodka where the whole flow of Chinese goods goes. The next is Middle and Middle Asia, just like Kazakhstan. Why did Kazakhstan adopt a law on language, American and Kazakh military exercises took place on the Russian border that Russia perceived as an unfriendly move? In other words, the Russian-Kazakh tension can be the cause of the Arab spring in Kazakhstan. The fourth is the Palestinian-Israeli sector. The probability of war here is very high, and the main goal is to neutralize Iran's military potential in the heights of Golan Heights in Syria, "Arayik Sargsyan said.
Touching upon the Artsakh issue, Araik Sargsyan noticed that serious military actions against Artsakh were expected in early November: "The Azeri-Turkish contingent was in Nakhichevan, Azerbaijan started large-scale military actions in the entire front line of Artsakh. The goal was to attack the Armenian forces, to enter the Russian peacekeeping forces' conflict zone, which would ensure the Russian dominance in the region, and the Armenian side would compromise 3-5 circles, dreams of Erdogan. Erdogan has admitted that he has twice asked Putin for the 5 counties from October to November 10. The Armenian side, signing an agreement with the EU, will definitely do what was predicted by the US and Russian foreign ministries. In honor of the NKR Defense Army and the Defense Army, the NKR Army started military exercises on November 15, so that they felt the danger for preventive action, "said Arayik Sargsyan.
He also noticed that the November military action was prevented thanks to President Trump. "The USA disagreed with a request of the Russian President and Turkey for implementation of the April scenario of military action of 2016. Turks didn't manage will bribe Russians on involvement of the Russian peacekeepers in Artsakhe for protection of interests of Turkey and Israel, against Iran and Armenia... Erdogan wants will pull out chestnuts from fire Putin's hands...
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