From a Dark and Cold Basement to a Bright Home

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The Nazlukhanyan family living in Debed village of Lori region is no longer concerned about the expected rainy and cold weather. Although the frosty winter usually lasts longer than 160 days in this village, and the newly built house is 1100 meters above the sea level, the previous problems do not exist anymore. The family already has a new home, instead of a half-built house purchased three years ago. Before the Nazlukhanyans enjoyed the happiness of housewarming, they had to live in the basement of the building, which was the only place suitable for living. The ceiling of the half-built house wasn't done, and the walls were partially built.
“For over six years, I have lived with my family at my parents' house, which was already overcrowded. Then we could purchase this half-built house. If not for this housing project, my children would still have to live in the basement for many years.  Maybe their whole childhood, which has already become sad from dampness and darkness would pass there. They were frequently getting ill. You are not just building a house, you are giving strength and light,” said the father of the family, Kamsar. 
Owing to the housing project implemented by VivaCell-MTS and Fuller Center for Housing Armenia, within a few months, the family moved from the basement to a comfortable house, where there are both all necessities and faith in the bright future.
The heads of the partnering organizations visited the Nazlukhanyans to evaluate one of the results of the construction year and share the joy of houswarming with the family.
“With every house we build, someone’s belief in a brighter future is strengthened. That is what matters most. The most important criterion of the program’s success is not the constructed walls, but the shining eyes of a child. In a family burdened with cares, it is the children that suffer the most from the feeling that they are unable to relieve the burden of their parents. I have noticed the enthusiasm with which the children follow the volunteers doing construction works. Today, I want to address all parents: try to keep the sparkle in your children’s eyes. Sometimes, it requires less than we think. Give them love and confidence even if you do not have confidence.  And you will see how the power of love also changes your inner world and your will to change something in your life. All difficulties are temporary,” said VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.
“When it comes to children's well-being, all issues get a degree of high urgency. The housing conditions children live in, very often determine how optimistic they will be, what dreams they will have and how they will strive to create something new. As a result of our cooperation, the number of happy children is increasing, which means that the program has succeeded,” said “Fuller Center for Housing Armenia” President Ashot Yeghiazaryan.

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