We have no doubt that you will do everything possible to unite all Armenians. An open letter to Samvel Babayan

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To:  Secretary of the Security Council of the Republic of Artsakh,
                                Mr.  Babayan Samvel Andranikovich
Dear Samvel Andranikovich!
Patriotic Organization “Talish”  - on-border settlements, the Organization of Greeks of Armenia and Artsakh “Patrida”, Patriotic Organization “United Motherland” congratulate you on your appointment as the Secretary of the Security Council of the Artsakh Republic and express confidence that, being in this position, you will attach maximum efforts to realize the creative potential of the peoples of Armenia, Artsakh and Spyurk in conditions of peace and stability, the reconstruction of a strong state capable of providing decent life to its citizens. 
We also have no doubt that your appointment will undoubtedly serve to further strengthening of the international authority of Artsakh, developing cooperation with all countries of the world community, and strengthen friendship with spiritually close peoples.
Establishment of a national security council (NSC) should play the key role in the legislative and executive powers. The main goal of the NSC in all civilized countries is the development, realization and security in the country's development strategy. This NSC mission is becoming exclusively important in the conditions of an ever-increasing global and regional geopolitical, economic and financial chaos.
For Artsakh, together with Armenia, taking into account the disturbing processes taking place in the region and in the world, the Hamlet question “To be or not to be” becomes more than relevant. That is why establishment of NSC becomes extremely important for the preservation and development of the statehood. This means that NSC must both structurally and personnelly correspond to the current goals of the country's strategic development
NSC, as an embodiment of the strategic principles in the legislative and executive systems has turned into an agency for protection of the regime, or rather, certain leadership seats and related individuals in Armenia, in the surrounding of  ex-presidents, -prime ministers and oligarchs.
Samvel Andranikovich! We have no doubt that you will do everything possible to unite all Armenians and defend our state and our people, in the name of its peaceful, calm and creative life, so that not a single enemy dares to encroach on the freedom, independence and welfare of our state.
As the great history of Armenia demonstrates, we have always met our enemies with an open vizor, bravely and courageously defending the independence, interests and welfare of our state.
We are a peace-loving and constructive nation, but if we are forced to, without hesitation, we will all as one stand for the defence of our Motherland, but we will also be merciless to the enemy  there where the threat to our national security comes from.
We wish you good health, peace of mind, good mood and loyal associates and like-minded people backing you, and at home, loved ones who will be your reliable home front.
Good luck in the new field of activity!
The chairman of
Patriotic organization "Talish" - border settlements,
and the Organization of the Greeks of Armenia and Artsakh “Patrida”
Eduard Polatov
The chairman of
Patriotic organization " United Motherland "
Vladimir Davtyan

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