The Temporary Shelter to Become a Memory by the End of the year

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Hakobyans living in Lernavan village of Lori region, the temporary shelter has become a residence address with indefinite perspectives for descent living conditions. For over 30 years after the earthquake the family has lived in a 27 sq.m. metal container. Three children born in this shabby container are now grown up people. The girls are already married and have left the confines of the temporarily house. The younger son now lives in the shelter with his parents. The father of the large family, Samvel, tried to find a solution years ago and started the construction, but the works remained incomplete.
“We have overcome many difficulties in this shelter. We have lived here since
the 90s. We don't have water or gas inside, there is no kitchen. We have adjusted a small part that we use only in summer. The winter is so cold that everything freezes. It is supposed to be a kitchen, but it does not serve the purpose. It has completely deformed from the rains, the ceiling has been torn off, and there is no difference whether you are outside or inside. We have 7 grandchildren. When my whole family gathers together inside, there is no place to stand,” said the homeowner, Larissa Chalikyan.
The spring of the current year was difficult but it also brought good news. The family is included in the housing project implemented by Viva-MTS and the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia. The pandemic changed the support methods. There are no volunteer groups on the construction site. The program, however, is in progress. Manvel, who was born and spent his youth in the shelter, tries to fulfill his parents' dream and complete the construction of the half-built house. The father and son are convinced that the temporary restrictions on the communication with the outer world can be served to the construction. 
Active work is in process in different regions of the country these days. The families involved in the program are excited about the opportunity to make their dream of the years come true. The leaders of Viva-MTS and Fuller Center for Housing Armenia consider the support and goal important. This year, 37 families will benefit from the decision to help people get rid of metal containers and forget unfavorable living conditions.
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