Explaining Azerbaijan's Surprise Prisoner Amnesty Move interpreted as an attempt to deflect international criticism of Baku’s´s poor human rights record. By Afgan Mukhtarli

2016-03-25 17:16:18  | Azerbaijan  |   Articles and Analyses | 2056   
Analysts say that a mass prisoner amnesty in Azerbaijan may be intended as a concession ahead of President Ilham Aliyev’s upcoming visit to the US, where Congress is considering

Harut Sassounian. European Cows Can’t Stand Poor Living Conditions in Azerbaijan

2013-01-17 10:16:23  | Azerbaijan  |   Articles and Analyses | 883   
  In keeping with the holiday spirit, my last column of the year is devoted to a light-hearted topic!   In a story titled: "Imported Cattle no Bovine Boon for Azerbaijan," Seadet

Azerbaijan’s president slams BP over oil output

2012-11-13 09:26:42  | Azerbaijan  |   Articles and Analyses | 2246   


2012-11-02 16:10:17  | Azerbaijan  |   Articles and Analyses | 3002   
The proposal to publish the Address of Political Science Association of Armenia was made by its Chairman Hayk Kotanjian, Doctor of Political Science. The text of the Address

Doesn’t Azerbaijan possess biological weapons?

2012-05-11 10:30:06  | Azerbaijan  |   Articles and Analyses | 1950   
Artsrun Khanjyan “Center for Public Relations and Information” Availability of distinct information about enemy’s armed forces and particularly about weapons of mass destruction is very important in military and

Shahla Sultanova: Youth Protest in Azerbaijani Capital

2012-03-31 12:50:17  | Azerbaijan  |   Articles and Analyses | 732   
Scuffles as police move in after rock singer insults president. By Shahla Sultanova - Caucasus CRS Issue 635, 23 Mar 12 More than a thousand young Azerbaijanis braved driving snow

Heybet Amrah: Azerbaijan Town Kicks Out Mayor

2012-03-09 13:26:52  | Azerbaijan  |   Articles and Analyses | 843   
Riot police called in as thousands mark displeasure with local leader. By Heybet Amrah - Caucasus CRS Issue 632, 2 Mar 12 If Rauf Habibov, mayor of the Azerbaijani

Seymur Kazimov: Azerbaijan Dismisses Iran's "Mossad" Claims

2012-02-21 12:03:21  | Azerbaijan  |   Articles and Analyses | 656   
But row over alleged support for Israeli agents shows just how bad Azerbaijan’s relationship with Iran is. By Seymur Kazimov - Caucasus CRS Issue 630, 17 Feb 12 As

Aytan Farhadova: Leukaemia Care Under Fire in Azerbaijan

2012-01-23 18:52:55  | Azerbaijan  |   Articles and Analyses | 1005   
Parents say they have to pay for costly medicines that should be free. By Aytan Farhadova - Caucasus CRS Issue 626, 20 Jan 12 Parents of children suffering from