Mario Mazzola met with the students and specialists representing the IT sphere

2014-11-10 14:31:00  | Armenia  |   Science and Technology | 410   
Today the Chief Development Officer at Cisco Systems, Inc. Mario Mazzola visited VivaCell-MTS headquarters to give a lecture on “Innovations in Data Center Networking” for the representatives of the

Press Release

2014-11-07 12:48:37  |   |   Science and Technology | 617   
The Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC), together with its General Partner VivaCell-MTS, will be implementing a new initiative within the framework of the joint

“Super couple” - unlimited Internet and on-net calls for a whole day

2014-11-05 16:28:26  | Armenia  |   Science and Technology | 404   
VivaCell-MTS presents “Super couple”- a new service designed especially for “Alo We” and “YES” prepaid tariff plan subscribers, providing unlimited on-net calls and Internet, including а daily 100 MB

ICT Sector Development Agenda Discussed

2014-11-05 14:09:23  | Armenia  |   Science and Technology | 438   
  Chaired by Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan, a consultation was held on the development of information communication technology sector. The Prime Minister said that the ICT sector has great development potential

Media tour in Dahnak Mountains

New generation of IP and GPS surveillance cameras for wildlife monitoring in the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge
2014-10-24 16:57:30  | Armenia  |   Science and Technology | 408   
During a tour organized for media representatives, the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) with its General Partner VivaCell-MTS, have presented a new generation of

VivaCell-MTS is the General Partner of the International Microelectronics Olympiad of Armenia

2014-10-17 11:28:01  | Armenia  |   Science and Technology | 496   
VivaCell-MTS is the General Partner of the Ninth Annual International Microelectronics Olympiad of Armenia, the final stage of which took place at the organizer’s - Synopsys Armenia Education Department

VivaCell-MTS resumes the Open Doors Days for schoolchildren and students

2014-10-15 18:07:08  | Armenia  |   Science and Technology | 373   
This time VivaCell-MTS hosted 25 pupils from the Yerevan School after Yeghishe Charents. VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian presented to the young guests the history of the development of

VivaCell-MTS sponsors the “Robots in Everyday Life” festival

2014-10-06 17:55:01  | Armenia  |   Science and Technology | 432   
The “DigiTech” 2014 International Technological Exhibition held from October 3-5 hosted the “Robots in Everyday Life” festival, the participants of which are schoolchildren attending engineering groups. Starting from 2012

“MTS Connect LTE” modem for free in case of subscribing to an “MTS Connect LTE” or “Internet Express” tariff plan

2014-09-30 17:56:17  | Armenia  |   Science and Technology | 435   
In case of a one-year subscription to one of the “MTS Connect LTE” or “Internet Express” tariff plans, the “MTS Connect LTE” E3372s-153 USB modem is provided free of

VivaCell-MTS implemented the 5th draw “365”

2014-09-29 17:56:09  | Armenia  |   Science and Technology | 350   
  VivaCell-MTS continues the draw for its “Personal” and the “City Talks” tariff plans subscribers, who are users of the “Special” package in active status. To remind, the “365” draw

“Super 0 Daily” service is now available also for “Dialect” tariff plan subscribers

2014-09-18 17:11:53  | Armenia  |   Science and Technology | 331   
Now VivaCell-MTS’ “Super 0 Daily” service, providing an opportunity to make unlimited on-net calls for 1 day is also available for “Dialect” tariff plan subscribers.   To note, the service is

“SIP Talk”- calls to local and international destinations via fixed phone line at affordable tariffs

2014-09-17 13:25:53  | Armenia  |   Science and Technology | 422   
VivaCell-MTS presents “SIP Talk”, a new postpaid tariff plan, designed especially for the companies, which value consistent and quality communication. For a fixed monthlyfee,the “SIP Talk” tariff plan provides embedded


2014-06-18 12:20:54  |   |   Science and Technology | 401   
MANILA, PHILIPPINES (18 June 2014) — The 9th Asia Clean Energy Forum today saw the launch of a Sustainable Energy for All hub for Asia Pacific, aimed at mobilizing

Armenian-Dutch Business Forum in the frame of DigiTec Business Forum

2014-06-17 12:26:58  | Armenia  |   Science and Technology | 443   
Armenian-Dutch Business Forum organized by the Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE) and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands will be held on June 21 in Armenia

VivaCell-MTS offers more affordable summer tariffs for roaming

2014-06-16 17:00:26  | Armenia  |   Science and Technology | 370   
From June 16 till September 16, while roaming in Georgia, Austria, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Italy, and Spain, one can receive calls and make calls to Armenia with the “Call

Orange celebrates summer, introducing new surprises for its customers

2014-06-16 14:43:31  | Armenia  |   Science and Technology | 336   
Customers, who will join Orange Prepaid services till the 31st  of July, will have the chance to receive Alcatel 1010 handsets at only 1AMD price, when recharging their accounts

Additional free SIM card for new Dolphin, Butterfly and Panther customers

2014-06-13 16:26:34  | Armenia  |   Science and Technology | 386   
Today Orange presented a special summer surprise for customers of monthly subscriptions. Everyone who till the 31st of August will join Dolphin, Butterfly and Panther starting from 4000AMD for

“Super BIT” – unlimited Internet, including 100 MB high-speed package

2014-06-04 11:28:36  | Armenia  |   Science and Technology | 441   
Now VivaCell-MTS subscribers can choose the “Super BIT” service, providing a 100 MB high-speed Internet package per day in 1 or 30-days options, and enjoy the numberless opportunities of

VivaCell-MTS will implement an upgrade on its core network

2014-06-03 12:14:48  | Armenia  |   Science and Technology | 400   
VivaCell-MTS will implement a major upgrade on the core network with the aim to enhance the network reliability and capabilities in delivering high-quality voice and data services on the

“MTS Hay-Fi” – an Internet hotspot providing yet unsurpassed up to 42.2 Mbps speed

2014-06-03 10:54:20  | Armenia  |   Science and Technology | 353   
Now, by subscribing to one of the offered by VivaCell-MTS “MTS Connect” unlimited Internet tariff plans for at least 18 months, one can get the “MTS Hay-Fi” modem, providing

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