2012-08-15 10:38:40  | USA  |   Press of Diaspora | 953   
WASHINGTON, DC - The Armenian Assembly of America (AAA) will hold its 40th Anniversary Gala on September 22, 2012, in downtown Los Angeles, announced the Assembly's Washington


2012-08-08 16:53:30  | USA  |   Press of Diaspora | 889   
Washington, DC - The Armenian Assembly of America (Assembly) commends Massachusetts Representative Jonathan Hecht for introducing a resolution "Supporting Nagorno-Karabakh's Right to Self-Determination and Efforts to Develop its


2012-06-01 17:54:52  |   |   Press of Diaspora | 817   
Washington, DC - Last month, long-time Armenian Assembly Board Member and Life Trustee Joyce Philibosian Stein received the 2012 Ellis Island Medal of Honor, reported the Armenian Assembly

George Clooney, Members of Congress Arrested at ANCA Co-Sponsored Protest

2012-03-17 10:42:00  | USA  |   Press of Diaspora | 711   
WASHINGTON—Actor George Clooney, his father, as well as four members of Congress were among those arrested Friday at a protest in front of the Sudanese Embassy organized by United

Armenian Diasporas all over the world represent an exceptional power Serge Sargsyan

2012-03-06 12:41:46  |   |   Press of Diaspora | 445   
Armenian Diasporas all over the world represent an exceptional power, which can achieve enormous results, when acting together, said Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan in the framework of his working

Prague remembers Sumgait tragedy

Twenty four years ago on 27-29 February, the Armenian population of the Azerbaijani city of Sumgait was subject to inhumane attacks.
2012-03-01 11:29:43  |   |   Press of Diaspora | 613   
The massacres organized at the state level killed the Armenians living in that city. They weren’t hooligan acts, but genocide of Armenians. This is what RA Ambassador

Nareg Hartounian Charges Armenia's Tax Officials With "Eating Our Family Alive"

2012-02-28 14:56:26  |   |   Press of Diaspora | 411   
Nareg Hartounian, the embattled diaspora Armenian who heads the Naregatsi Art Union, today responded to charges made by tax official Armen Alaverdyan basically charging diaspora businessman with viewing

Open Letter to Suzanne Khardalian, Producer and Maker of the Documentary Film: “Grandma’s Tattoos”

2012-02-28 14:23:39  | USA  |   Press of Diaspora | 560   
Dear Suzanne, I watched your wonderful documentary film on Al-Jazeera TV Channel’s “Witness” Programme. It is a powerful statement made with everyday pictures of everyday lives, yet, in

Armenian schools in the Diaspora celebrate Mother Language Day

2012-02-28 13:51:44  | Georgia  |   Press of Diaspora | 690   
The N 131 Armenian Secondary School in Tbilisi has been celebrating Mother Language Day on February 21 for the past couple of years now, and this year,

Addressing the Turkish Dimension in Creating a Euro-Atlantic Security Community

2012-02-24 14:36:30  |   |   Press of Diaspora | 517   
Building a Euro-Atlantic Security Community has many dimensions, including the multiple and diverse sides of security??”from its political-military aspects to economic, environmental, and energy security, as well as human

Asbarez Post: Turkish Presidential Body Calls for New Dink Trial

2012-02-22 12:37:32  |   |   Press of Diaspora | 699   
ANKARA—The Turkish State Supervisory Council appointed by President Abdullah Gul recommended on Monday that top police officers be prosecuted in the Hrant Dink murder case because they failed to

Armenian Americans pose ten questions for Hillary Clinton

2012-02-10 13:29:35  |   |   Press of Diaspora | 500   
Armenian National Committee of America Chairman Ken Hachikian posed ten questions to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regarding U.S. policy on the Armenian Genocide, in his February 9

Armenian Americans pose ten questions for Hillary Clinton

2012-02-10 13:29:35  | Armenia  |   Press of Diaspora | 587   
Armenian National Committee of America Chairman Ken Hachikian posed ten questions to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regarding U.S. policy on the Armenian Genocide, in his February 9

"Conciliarity needs to be revisited by the ecumenical movement" H.H Aram I

2012-02-07 17:44:48  |   |   Press of Diaspora | 315   
Addressing to the gathering of the General Secretaries of the regional and national ecumenical councils, His Holiness Aram I emphasized "the pivotal importance of reactivating ecumenical conciliarity considering it

Armenian evangelical community in Uruguay

2012-02-07 16:46:27  |   |   Press of Diaspora | 434   
The Evangelical Armenians take special place in the Armenian community of 15 thousand1 in Uruguay. Though the Armenian Evangelical community in Uruguay is smaller than the Armenian Apostolic and

Burial place of Armenians possibly killed during Genocide found in Turkey

During an archeological expedition in Turkey's Diyarbakır, scientists discovered a burial place near a town fortress of Ickale.
2012-02-02 14:58:55  |   |   Press of Diaspora | 983   
The scientists first thought it was the burial place of Kurds killed by Turkish gendarmes in 1990s. However, it turned out later that the remains are approximately 90

Sumgait, Kirovabad, Baku Massacres Commemorated By Fuentes Resolution

The Armenian National Committee of America-Western Region welcomed the introduction of Assembly Concurrent Resolution 96, introduced by California Assembly Member Felipe Fuentes (CA-AD-39-D-Arleta).
2012-02-01 13:20:48  |   |   Press of Diaspora | 399   
The resolution commemorates the massacres of Armenians in Sumgait, Kirovabad (present-day Ganja), and Baku, Azerbaijan on the anniversary of the massacre in Sumgait (February 1988) and calls on

40th children’s exhibition to be held in Lidice

Armenia's Ambassador had a meeting with the director of the museum complex and paid tribute to the victims.
2012-02-01 11:19:50  |   |   Press of Diaspora | 512   
On 30 January, RA Ambassador to the Czech Republic Tigran Seyranyan had a meeting with Director of the Museum Complex in Lidice Milos Cherventsil and the correspondent of

Turkish journalist:"Hrant Dink was fired because he was Armenian"

2012-01-26 13:55:14  |   |   Press of Diaspora | 907   
An argument broke out between Turkish journalist Narehan Alci and Enver Aysever during a TV program on CNNTurk when Hrant Dink’s case was mentioned. The discussion took up a

"Armenian Days in Munich" : A Special Lecture Series

2012-01-26 13:52:44  |   |   Press of Diaspora | 451   
This three day program organised by the Institute for Near and Middle East Studies at Ludwig-Maximilians University, Germany. 31 Jan 2012. Commemorating the 125th Hagop Mntsuri's birthday - readings from

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